Best selection in Tokyo!!

We have one of the most selection in Tokyo. You can enjoy beers ranging from Japanese quality draft beer to beers from around the world. The place where we can try this many types is only here at English Only Pub!!
Each bottle has some information about the taste to help you choose one. Find your favorite!!
 東京でも最も世界のビールを取り揃えています。日本の高品質の生ビールから世界中のビールまで楽しむことができます。こんなにたくさんのビールを試すことができるのはEnglish Only Pubだけ!

Ebisu draft beer 550 yen

Corona Extra- Mexico 500 yen

Heineken- Netherlands 500 yen

Hoegaarden- Belgium 700 yen


Leff- Belgium 700 yen

Lemon Beer- Japan 700 yen

Duuel- Belgium 900 yen

Pilsner Urquell- Czech 700 yen

Blue Moon- Belgium 600 yen

Warsteiner- Germany 600 yen

Guinness- Ireland 550 yen

Kronenbourg- France 850 yen

Bass- England 500 yen

Peroni- Italy 700 yen

Birra Moretti- Italy 550 yen

Budweiser- USA 500 yen

Westmalle- Belgium 900 yen

Tsingtao- China 500 yen

Lion- Sri Lanka 550 yen

Big Wave- Hawai 700 yen

Cruzcampo- Spain 550 yen

Carlsberg- Denmark 500 yen

Estrella Galicia- Spain 550 yen


Japanese traditional distilled spirits.

Japanese traditonal alcohol is not just sake. Shochu is the one Jpanese peaple have loved since ancient time. It is not only tasty but is low colorie and activate the ferment to make our blood circulate smoothly. There are shochu made from many types of materials. Check them out!


黒霧島 Kuro-kirisima -sweet potato-

Traditional standard with over 90 years history. The rich and creamy taste and the clear feeling after drinking have attracted many fans for such a long time. Kirishima Distillery, Miyazaki.    500 yen 


一刻者 赤 Ikkomon Aka -sweet potato-

Regular shochu uses rice malt but Ikkomon uses potato malt. Using 100 % Kintoki-Imo and potato malt, it gives an excellent flavor peculiar to red sweet potatoes.  You can enjoy the particular pure potato taste. Takara Distillery, Kagoshima.    550 yen


川辺 Kawabe -rice-

This has a more gorgeous and elegant flavor than Ginjou- quality sake. Its sweet, splendid flavor spreads in your mouth. It’s ranked as one of the two best rice shochu in Japan.   Sengetsu Distillery, Kumamoto.  550 yen


紅乙女 Beniotome -sesame-

A lady named HarunoHayashida wanted to make a shochu with elegant scent like a perfume. After much trial and error, she successfully combined the slight aroma of sesame and the pleasant feeling on the tongue. Minou Distillery, Fukuoka.    500 yen


おくりおくら Okuri-Okura -chestnuts-

The hint of chestnut scent, the smooth feeling in your mouth  and the distinctive sweetness all come from 100% Shirokawa-chestnuts. Himebayashi Distillery, Ehime.  550 yen


喜界島 Kikaijima -raw sugar-

Try eight times Monde Selection Gold Award kokutoshochu. Enjoy the slight sweetness of raw sugar and the mild feeling when it slides down your throat. Kikaijima Distillery, Kagoshima.    500 yen


静寂の時 Seijaku-no-toki  -corn-

Made from strictly selected corn and pure water and matured for three years in a cask. Enjoy the mild and smooth taste of ‘Japanese bourbon’. Takachiho Distillery, Miyazaki. 500 yen


中々 Naka Naka  -barley-

This premium shochu is from Kuroki Honten, one of the most distinguished shochu distilleries with over 130 years history. The caramel-like flavor delicately spreads in your mouth.  Kuroki Honten Distillery, Miyazaki.  800 yen


吉兆宝山 Kiccho-Houzan  -sweet potatoes-

One of the top brands, Nishi Distillery’s flagship shochu. The classic, deep, strong, rich taste from Kurokoji malt is just beyond description. Nishi Distillery, Kagoshima.      800 yen

King of Japanese drinks.

Japanese sake is now becoming more and more popular around the world but various types of fresh sake are tasted only in Japan. Each taste is different by the regional rice, how to shave them, water and so on. Try this great selection. 


浦霞 Uragasumi  -Junmaisyu-

     500 yen


一ノ蔵 Ichinokura  -Junmaisyu-

     500 yen


北秋田 Kita Akita  大吟醸 -Daiginjo-

     500 yen


白川郷 Shirakawago  純米にごり酒 -Junmai Nigorisyu-

     500 yen


熟成の上善如水 Jukusei no Johzen Mizunogotoshi  -Junmaisyu-

     500 yen


久保田 千寿 Kubota Senju  -Junmaisyu-

     800 yen


八海山 Hakkaisan  特別本醸造-Tokubetsu honjohzo-

     800 yen


Pizza 800 yen

Kiriboshi daikon 500 yen

Nimono 500 yen

Carrot and Tuna Lapait 500 yen

Nasu-no-Nibitashi 500 yen

Spicy Deep Fried Eggplant 500 yen

Ratatouille 500 yen

Pickles 400 yen

Potato Salad 500 yen

French Fried 400 yen

Fuki-no-Nitsuke 500 yen


Japanese style hamburg steak 500 yen

Nitamago 500 yen


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